The power of plants

19th January 2022

What is the easiest way to transform your garden? With plants, plants and more plants. Plants can transform any space, from the blank canvas of a new build property to an established garden. In fact, would it even be a garden without plants?

What do we use plants for?

Pleached trees (below) are perfect for creating instant privacy. To find out more about the types of screening plants we have <click here>

The power of plants

Therapists are now prescribing gardening for depression and it’s very easy to see why. It gets you outside, forms a connection with nature and gives you a sense of purpose, not to mention, achievement. Successfully caring for plants is very rewarding. Plants know no boundaries; they are accessible to everyone, no matter the size and shape of your garden (you don’t even need to own a garden). They offer us a simple way to reconnect with nature, calm a busy mind and focus on the moment.

Blank canvas

Many new builds leave the garden a completely blank canvas. By introducing plants into the garden we have created a private space to relax and entertain in whilst encouraging wildlife and pollinating insects.

The right planting scheme can transform a suburban garden into an exotic paradise.

Go big and give back with trees

When you plant a tree you not only create a focal point for your garden you also…

  • Provide oxygen
  • Remove carbon from the atmosphere
  • Food, protection and homes for birds and mammals
  • Preserve soil

Planting Service

If you are short on time (or don’t have the inclination) we can plant for you. Our team of experienced landscape gardeners will make sure your ground is prepared to the highest standard and your plants are positioned and staked correctly. They’ll leave you with full aftercare instructions and planting warranties.

The Big Plant Nursery is open seven days a week, stocking plants of all shapes and sizes