Garden sculpture ideas

13th April 2021

Most of us have art, in some form, in our homes…but what about in our gardens?

We often use sculpture within the gardens we design as it is perfect for providing the essential focal point in a garden layout to draw the eye. Every piece is unique and designed to complement the planting and landscape design as well as the personal design style of the garden owner. 

No matter what size your garden is, a piece of artwork in the form of sculpture can enhance your outside space in so many ways. Most of us have artwork displayed in our homes, so why should our gardens be any different. Art is a way of expressing our personalities as well as something that evokes the senses and passion.

Top reasons to include a piece of art in the garden

  • An interesting focal point to draw you eye
  • Something to enhance your garden during the winter months, providing colour, form and texture
  • Something to compliment your plants
  • A great way to solidify a theme you have chosen for your garden
  • It can accentuate your plants and structures, such as a garden office

Smaller garden sculptures can be used as fun hidden distractions that reflect your personality.

Larger pieces will make a real statement in the garden, adding drama and creating a talking point. 

Create a Themed Garden

Plants and the right garden design can create a theme within your garden, garden art can really help to solidify your theme and unite the planting elements. For example, in a Zen garden you might have a shishi odoshi fountain (deer scarer) or statue that reflects the cultural aesthetics you are trying to capture <find out more>

Nothing says “contemporary” like a piece of abstract art. This sculpture is interactive and invites you on a journey through the lush planting.