East Coast Chic

4th July 2023

The Hamptons are a string of towns located on the tip of Long Island, NY. They are known for their iconic mansion neighbourhoods, endless beaches, and vacationing celebrities.Many of the rich and famous spend their summers on spacious estates nestled along the Atlantic Ocean, often hidden behind tall hedges.

Capture the coastal elegance of a traditional U.S Hamptons style home with lush tropical planting mixed with formal white and blue Hydrangeas. Think stripey soft furnishings in blues and greys, painted white wooden fences, weatherboard cladding and manicured lawns. Here is the perfect soundtrack whilst you plan your Hamptons style garden <click here>

Plants to create this look:

All plants available from The Big Plant Nursery

With their exotic and enormous foliage, banana plants add a taste of the tropics to the garden. A sure fire way to add height, drama and impress your visitors.

Hydrangea ‘Runaway Bride’

According to The Tutu Guru, neat, clean, well manicured and well planned are the main elements of a Hampton style garden. They often incorporate paving and rich greenery, symmetry and above all, order in an outdoor space. They attract those who crave neatness, well lit open spaces and a hint of colour.


  • Rich greenery
  • Symmetry and order
  • Box hedging & Topiary
  • Classic plants
  • Lush, well manicured turf
  • Pavers
  • Colour palette of beige, sandstones, grey, white and blues.

This garden style does require alot of upkeep in terms of lawns, pruning and maintaining symmetry. Our award winning Grounds Maintenance teams can provide regular, scheduled visits to ensure your garden looks great all year.

To arrange a meeting regarding your landscape project, contact the landscape team on Tel: 0118 934 1500 or email info@creative-landscape.co.uk