The Environment - Creative Landscape

Every activity has an environmental impact. At Creative Landscape we regularly review how we can minimize this and try to encourage the following in all of our activities;

  • Use peat free compost
  • Use Timber from renewable resources
  • Encourage clients to use more subtle and Solar powered lighting effects
  • Minimising waste and use of recycled and local aggregates
  • We recycle our own green waste
  • Where possible, selecting plants suitable for location with minimal maintenance
  • Laying drought resistant lawns and encouraging mulching
  • Use of biodegradable and ‘green’ chemicals
  • Use of ‘free draining materials’ to avoid water run off
  • Installation of water storage systems
  • Where possible use of local suppliers
  • Separation of waste and use of registered waste carriers
  • Biological pest controls
  • Regular maintenance of vehicles and equipment