1. Consultancy


‘At Home’ Advice and Consultancy visit

If you are looking for planting ideas, garden advice or you are considering having a garden design, then a Consultancy Visit from one of our experienced horticulturalists or garden designers can really help.  Meeting with you ‘on site’ and experiencing the garden first hand, enables us to provide much more specific advice.

For those interested in design, this meeting can also form the first stage of the ‘garden design process’.

What are the benefits?

  • You will benefit from all our expert plant, garden design, and landscaping experience.
  • We can suggest different ideas or options to help you decide on the best way forward.
  • We’ll offer you a 10% plant discount on your next plant purchase*1

What to do before the visit:

Having a clear idea about what you would like to achieve is the best starting point. If you have seen something you like and are able to provide any images or notes to convey this, that’s helpful too.

During the Consultancy Visit:

  • We’ll listen to all your ideas and requirements and look closely at the existing site.
  • Once we have identified the scale, complexities and opportunities of the project, we’ll begin to discuss potential ideas and solutions with you.

After the Consultancy Visit:

We’ll provide you with any relevant information, recommendations and/ or cost options agreed during the consultancy whether for plants, design or landscaping. *2

Your consultant will also be happy to discuss this in detail and if required, meet with you (by arrangement) at the Nursery. He or she will normally oversee the selection of any confirmed plant order.  Please note: sketches, scaled drawings and designs are not included in the cost of the consultancy service.

What are the costs?

There is a one-off charge of £75 for this service*2 (subject to certain conditions).

Standard appointments are available in areas up to 30 minutes’ drive from our offices and can be booked between 8am - 4.00pm Monday to Thursday. Appointments further afield will incur an extra charge subject to location.  The availability of appointments will vary on workload at the time of enquiry.

Of course, if you have a clear idea of what you require and don’t wish to benefit from the plant discount, our landscaping team can also provide a 'no obligation' quote.

How to book?

For more information or to arrange a Consultancy Visit CONTACT US 
or complete our online form to Request a Consultation.

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Please note:

*1 A 10% plant discount will be offered for a single purchase of plants from the Big Plant Nursery as a direct result of the consultancy visit.

*2 Please note: sketches, scaled drawings and designs are not included in the cost of the consultancy service.